What We Ate: Green Chile Turkey Burgers, Chicken & Tomato No-Boil Pasta Bake, Restaurant-worthy Carbonara, Ham & Broccoli Breakfast Bake

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All images are from the pins linked in this post, which lead directly to the source material (budgetbytes.com, thekitchn.com, dinneralovestory.com, and mops.org)

Green Chile Turkey Burgers

Business Continuity Plan Samples These were delicious and really fast – dinner was on the table within 20 minutes. I should make burgers more often.

Chicken & Tomato No-Boil Pasta Bake

Also very easy and I loved how the pasta baked in the tomato sauce and milk. It made the whole dish more flavorful and cohesive instead of just a casserole with boring pasta. Also, my lazy side loves how not pre-cooking the pasta made the whole thing better. I love shortcuts. (Which reminds me, don’t bother with the food processor for the topping. Mix it in a bowl. What’s the point of an easy recipe if you have to wash the ginormous food processor afterwards?)

Restaurant-worthy Carbonara

This was a pretty simple (read: boring) version of carbonara. It needed something…more. I actually prefer the lightened-up carbonara recipe I’ve made before. Another win, I guess, in that we prefer the healthier version.

Ham and Broccoli Breakfast Bake

Thomas declared this his favorite breakfast casserole ever. The kids refused to eat it multiple times. GAAAAAAHHHHH. So frustrating. They’re usually good broccoli eaters so I don’t know what was up. This was a rather huge and filling casserole (especially with only 2 people eating it) so I recommend it if you have a crowd coming. It has to sit overnight so all you do in the morning is pop it in the oven. We had it for dinner and it was fine to make in the morning and bake at 5ish.


  1. Those first two recipes look Ah-mazing! Can’t wait to try them out.