What We Ate: Crockpot Fish Chowder, Baked Egg Boats, Pulled Pork Hash


All images are from the pins linked in this post, which lead directly to the source material (crockpot365.blogspot.com, spoonforkbacon.com, and food.dailybuzz.com)

Crockpot Fish Chowder

You know how when you have something cooking in the crockpot your house smells amazing all day and you’re constantly hungry? THAT DIDN’T HAPPEN. My house smelled fishy all day and it was very unappetizing. Margaret (age 4) walked in the door just before dinnertime and said “ew, what’s that?”

The stew itself actually tasted good. Thomas and I liked it and enjoyed eating leftovers as well. I’m thinking the crockpot isn’t the best way to do it, though.

Baked Egg Boats

Better than I was expecting for something so simple and fast. We REALLY liked it. You’ll need some sort of side, though.

Pulled Pork Hash

The perfect way to use up all that smoked pork in the freezer from when your husband smoked 40 pounds of pork butt last summer. Not applicable? This is even more perfect if you made pulled pork sandwiches earlier in the week and want to repurpose the leftovers. It calls separately for pulled pork and barbeque sauce, but would obviously not be an issue of the two were already combined.