30 weeks!

I sometimes feel bad for not doing much pregnancy documenting. Even with my first pregnancy (Margaret!) when I went to make the baby book I realized I had about five belly pics total. This week I realized it had been over a month since I’d written about the pregnancy and I wondered if that would make me feel sad in the future. Don’t I want to REMEMBER this?

Sure, yeah, I want to remember it, but the truth is I’ve never actually looked back at my other pregnancies, either. I started the blog after Margaret was born, but I’m sure there are a few pregnancy #2 posts back in the archives somewhere. I’ve never looked. I suppose it’s perhaps because I like to remember pregnancy fondly and the reality is the majority of the weeks are…not so fond. Who wants to look back on the time of their life they were the most sick? (Although I’m certainly grateful there aren’t other times of my life competing for that honor.) Mostly, though, I’m just not the kind of person who looks back much.

There are a few things I remember from the last month, though, so I suppose I will write them down:

Week 27: I started having tons of heart palpitations just before 28 weeks. I had them with my other pregnancies, too, and the doctor never seemed concerned at ALL, so I treated them as been-there-done-that pregnancy weirdness and forgot to even mention them this time. I did ask Dr. Google for more information out of curiosity and found no one really knows why pregnant women get them so much, but they do know they’re most common between 28 and 32 weeks. I was strangely pleased to be right on schedule.

Week 28: I was really nervous for the glucose test, because I’m still feeling nauseous most mornings and I didn’t want to make the whole ‘what to eat’ thing more complicated. Finding ‘anything at all that sounds decent and is easy’ is hard enough. Fortunately I passed with flying colors so that was happy. In fact, I got my lowest score yet – blood sugar level of 71 after the one hour test. (Under 140 is passing.) My blood pressure is down, too, (90-something over 50-something) and the doctor even called my weight “great.” (!!) First time a doctor has ever told me that, considering I’m overweight, but he was referring to the fact I’ve only gained about 13 pounds. Puking will do that to ya.

http://www.spencediamonds.ca/how-to-write-good-descriptive-essays/ (The bp/weight stats are from my 30 week appointment, which is when you get your glucose results.)

Week 29: Aaaaaand here comes the restless leg syndrome. I don’t really get pregnancy insomnia (*crosses fingers*) but the RLS keeps me up big time. I’ve been eating 2+ bananas a day – mostly in morning coffee + chia smoothies or nightly banana ice cream – ever since and it helps. I put in a LOT of chia seeds (ahem, fiber) to counteract all the bananas.

Interestingly enough, I just googled and don’t see bananas (potassium) recommended anywhere as an RLS treatment. I could swear that was what I was told to try in my first pregnancy. It didn’t work, but I only ate a few now and then. This time I ramped up consumption big time to see if the larger dose would work. Maybe the easing of symptoms was just coincidence? Whatever, I’m enjoying my smoothies and ice cream. Plus, they help me eat less (non-fruit) sugar:) With Margaret I ate a bowl of Breyer’s Mint Chip every night so this is an improvement.

Week 30: I’ve turned geriatric, walking around with my hand on my lower back and moaning about sciatica. Standing up is a production, especially if I’m going from laying down to standing up. Putting on pants is difficult and I wish I didn’t have to wear socks. I’m not really that uncomfortable, though, and as much as I want to meet this baby – a lot! – I also don’t want my most-likely last pregnancy to be over yet. 10 weeks to go!

Other: This baby is the most active of the three and it scares me a bit. Maybe she just rolls/kicks in her sleep a lot? I hope so, because otherwise it seems she doesn’t sleep much at all. I enjoy all the movement, but girl had better know mama isn’t up for 24-7 partying after she’s born. She’s also very sensitive/responsive. One drink of cold water or change in position sets off furious kicks. Hello to you, too, baby!

The small fry in the house – cat included – have practically become glued to my side and I wonder if it’s just a phase or if they’re worried about things changing. Paul wants to be held all the time and has even started waking at night crying for mama (daddy won’t do). It could be a developmental leap sleep disruption (potty training!) but he does seem worried about not being the baby anymore.

The cat is never more than two feet away from me. She follows me around all day long, sits next to me on the couch, and curls up beside me at night (fur in my FACE). While I was watching the Olympics last night she settled right on top of my belly and purred the entire time. She’s not a fan of babies, but man does she love pregnant bellies.


  1. I had the heart palpitations and restless leg too… The WORST! At least it all went away right after having the baby. So excited for you!

  2. Getting so CLOSE!

  3. I hardly have any belly pics, either. I did not feel cute then.

    Not long now!