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Oh my goodness, you guys, how much do I love my new pasta pot?

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I’ve always been conflicted on these Rachael Ray oval pots. It seemed kind of…gimmicky. It’s not exactly a single-use item, as you can use it to cook anything. But basically it’s for pasta, so sort of. Also, does it really matter if you have to break pasta to cook it?

click here Not spaghetti, no, at least not for us. We’ve been really into lasagna-based foods, though, lately and for most of them an unbroken noodle is pretty important. Especially for these spinach lasagna roll ups, which are basically Margaret’s favorite food ever. Cooking unbroken lasagna noodles in a round pot, though, is a major pain in the butt. I’ve been wanting an oval pot for a while in a likely-I’ll-never-do-anything-about-it way, but yesterday this deal popped up and I went for it. (By the way, the deal ended up being even better than the math in that particular post. I paid $20.99 before my 5% Target card discount. $19.94 after.)

enter And I LOVE it. Love. I love it for pasta and also because it’s the same size as my crock pot (8 qt) so I can convert some recipes that had too much volume for my 6-qt pot to stovetop versions. I am kind of shocked the Kohl’s price on these pots is $99.99. I’d never pay that much, but at 20 bucks it’s a no brainer. By the way, did you check out my awesome splatter-protector in that picture, too? It’s basically a copy of a Pampered Chef thingy but I got it on Amazon for way less. I use it right-side up for boiling things (like dried beans, which always boil over on me) and flipped over for splattery things in my saucepan (like lasagna sauce!). Add in my KitchenAid for mixing the lasagna filling and I’m pretty much all gadget-ed up for a very specific meal.


  1. follow I love that you just said, “We’ve been really into lasagna-based foods, though, lately…”

  2. I’m feeling really dumb, because it never occurred to me that pasta pots are oval so you don’t have to break the spaghetti. *facepalm*