State of the Nursery

To start the 7 posts, 7 days week, we have a testament to my laziness: this was apparently written when I was four months pregnant (as I say there are five to go). All it needed was an actual photo. Which took me three months to get. But here it is! In the meantime: nothing has changed except Paul doesn’t nap anymore (WOE).


This is our nursery, currently known as Paul’s room:


We’re not really sure what to do with it. Both our children have used it as their nursery and it worked so well. When I was pregnant with Paul, we made the bedroom next door into a ‘big girl room’ for Margaret. Since the room became Paul’s, though, we’ve really made it his. All the artwork was specifically bought/designed/framed for him, the boy hand-me-downs are housed in his closet (because the basement was overrun with girl clothes), and he has his own bookshelf.

Still…that room really is the best setup for a newborn. I’m the kind of person who prefers to sit up in an armchair, or any sort of comfy chair/couch, to nurse at night rather than stay in bed. I never could master nursing while lying down (probably because our mattress is too cushy*) and our bed is not conducive to propping yourself up (maybe if we bought a headboard). Besides, I like being able to turn on the lights so I can read a book if desired and not have to change a diaper by feel. Speaking of which, the changing table is right next to the armchair in the nursery, so not only is is really easy to change a diaper, but I load it’s shelves with magazines, snacks, water, and my iPad. That room is almost like my little baby-friendly FORT. I could probably survive a week in there.

The biggest benefit of the baby having a room, though, is it means no baby in OUR room. We tried, with both Margaret and Paul, to have the baby sleep in a cradle by our bed, but did you know babies are very loud sleepers? So much snorfling and grunting and wait! is he awake! no? never mind.

I couldn’t sleep at all. Not to mention they both didn’t really like the cradle and made their displeasure known.

If I take the nursery back, though, where does Paul go? Putting him in Margaret’s room would require a complete remodel and a lot of culling of both of their toys/books/decorative items. Also, OH THE FIGHTING. I’m not interested in more fighting. And naps! Margaret is required to play quietly in her room while Paul naps, which wouldn’t work if he was napping IN her room.

Her room is basically the playroom – for both of them – and no one wants to take away their children’s playroom if it keeps toys in the living room to a minimum. At least in theory, if not always in practice. The toys at least all have a place to GO in either her room or his so none of them permanently live in the common areas.

Basically, I’m picky and don’t like any of my options. My current solution is to ignore the problem and hope an additional room materializes in the next five months. In actuality, I’ll probably leave everything exactly as it is and put the baby, oh, over there somewhere. Babies are small. A pack and play in the living room for nighttime and one in our room for daytime and we’ll be set to ignore the room dilemma until the first birthday, minimum.


*22-year-old Thomas & Jessica did a TERRIBLE job of buying a mattress. I wanted something soft and pillowy, which means it’s terrible for my old-lady-at-29 back, pregnant hips, and general “don’t-you-dare-touch-me-while-I’m-sleeping-stance” given this is the kind of mattress you sink into, which then sort of rolls you to the lowest point, aka the middle, aka WE’RE SLEEPING ON TOP OF EACH OTHER AND I AM GOING TO LOSE MY MIND.

P.S. I hate that blog posts require disclaimers, but, yes, #firstworldproblems.


  1. I see bunk beds in your future!

  2. That is kind of a quandary. But I’m sure it will sort out.

  3. I, too, could never figure out how to nurse while laying down.

    And babies are SUCH loud sleepers. Holy hell. When Iris came home, we thought she for sure she needed to sleep in our room. What if that apnea monitor goes off?! We even bought her a fancy bassinet! Uh, yeah. Homegirl got booted to her crib after 15 minutes.

  4. I think your expected route is probably the best, especially if ultimately the baby will probably share a room with one of them eventually. Then you can put together a great sibling room and not have to just keep juggling rooms. Our boys shared a room from Henry’s birth and occasionally it was a pain with a newborn and a 2.5yo in the same room, especially when there was crying (and oh, there was crying). Fortunately Spencer’s always slept like the dead so he never budged through newborn crying, and since bunkbeds Henry has become a deeper through-the-night sleeper because they both are movers so he’s gotten used to a shaking bed.