Interview with a 2-year-old

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This year was the first time I attempted to get Paul to give his own answers for the get-to-know-me page in our annual Operation Christmas Child boxes instead of doing it for him. It…didn’t go so well.

Jessica: OK, Paul, what’s your favorite drink?

Paul: Milk

Jessica: Yes, that’s what Margaret said, but I thought your favorite was water?

Paul: Water

Jessica: What’s your favorite color?

Paul: Not know

Jessica: Come on, you know.

Paul: Not know

Jessica: It’s blue.

Paul: Yeah, blue.

Jessica: What’s your favorite food?

Paul: Water

Margaret: No, your favorite food.

Paul: Dinner

Jessica: How about pizza?

Paul: Otay, pizza.

Jessica: What’s your favorite game?

Paul: Fishies.

(I think he was trying to revise his favorite food to Goldfish, but I wrote down “fish puzzle” as his favorite game and declared us DONE.)(Technically, it’s not a game, but he does love the fish puzzle.)


  1. Hey, dinner is my favorite food, too!

  2. Ha! Henry has recently decided his favorite color is blue so he randomly tells people MY FAVORITE COLOR IS BLUE!!! And then has a breakdown when I give him a different color plate or cup or whatever. This is problematic because for the last three years Spencer has always gotten the blue cup or plate etc and Henry always got the *other* color, green or orange. So blue. Everything needs to be blue.