Everything relates to Friends in some way

go site One thing you should know about me is I always watch Friends episodes in order. I cycle through all 10 seasons, go back to the beginning, and repeat. I’ll watch the occasional out-of-order episode, like ‘The One Where Ross Got High’ on Thanksgiving, but, honestly, I like that the in-order thing takes away the need to choose what I’m going to watch. Watching whatever’s next is easy and appeases my OCD need to have watched each episode the same number of times.

Harvard University Phd Thesis Anyway. I read this book. It’s about infertility, and fertility treatments, and adoption. I went into it figuring it would be somewhat touching, I’d have a nice little cry, and move on. Then the adoption section knocked me flat and had me heave-sobbing. By the end I just needed something to recover emotionally.

So I snuck into our bedroom, where Thomas was sleeping, stealthily removed the Friends disc from the DVD player, started the next episode on my computer and BAM. Before the opening credits, even, there’s Frank & Alice, confessing to Phoebe their only hope of a child is IVF with a surrogate and would she carry their baby?

source site I mean come on.

(Read the book!)


  1. Any time I find a friend has infertility, I am always struck by an immediate need to offer my uterus. And I hated being pregnant. It’s just so heartbreaking to me.