Seven Quick Takes

1. One thing I thought was interesting when we told our family we were having a girl is how our generation the ‘gender reveal via balloons in a box’ thing is. As I mentioned, we didn’t tell anyone it was a gender reveal. When we’d had the 20-week ultrasound, three weeks earlier, we told everyone the baby looked great and we were waiting until birth to find out whether it was a boy or girl. (And then managed to keep the fact we actually knew secret for three long weeks!) Yet, in both cases, the second our sisters caught the tiniest glimpse of a pink balloon in that box, they started squealing and jumping up and down. Meanwhile, our mothers, who were the ones actually opening the present, were still trying to figure out what the balloon said and why.

2. I’ve been watching my 16-month-old niece during the day this week and am rather enjoying the shock factor of walking around with a four-year-old, two-year-old, one-year-old, and a 32-week belly. Go ahead, people. Say something about it.

3. Margaret and Paul were shockingly awful at having a small child in the house. I’m hoping it was just the routine change, but they were SO loud (no chance for a nap!) and grabby (no sharing AT ALL) and demanding (must have mommy’s full attention!). It made me pretty nervous to have a baby in under two months.

click here 4. I’ve finally gotten into day-in-the-life posts (I’ve always found them tedious and boring, but maybe it depends on the writing style?) I thought about writing one, but my days are pretty uneventful. We…don’t get out much. I wish I’d done one this week so I could look back on what it was like to sort of have three kids, even though one wasn’t mine. I might still try, but without notes it would be pretty vague. (At…some point…we put on music and danced. Then maybe we had another snack? Or was that later?)

follow url 5. My favorite part of these posts is finding out what time people wake up/go to bed. My night-owl schedule seems to be pretty rare, but I suppose that’s because I lucked out with night-owl kids as well. I go to bed around midnight and the kids wake me at about 8 am. Obviously this will all be out the window with a newborn, but I’m hoping we can return at some point. I was stressed about ruining sleep FOREVER by having a second child, but once Paul was old enough he fell right into the same schedule as Margaret and me. Dare I hope for the same with a third?

6. Kindergarten will apparently not mess with this much, which surprised me. The elementary Margaret will attend doesn’t start until 9:05! Craziness! I wondered how working parents handle that, but I guess it could be better in a way? Instead of having both before and after school care, maybe more parents can swing just having before? (School doesn’t let out until 3:55 on this schedule.)

source site 7. Sometimes the absurdity of my day gets to me. For instance, I just spent 20 minutes making up crap about how the Baksun won’t hurt you because he’s just as scared of you as you are of him. You see, explaining the Baksun isn’t real isn’t sufficient because after the credits of the Winnie the Pooh movie (the 2011 one) there’s an animated short starring the Baksun so, duh, of course he’s real. Put in the movie, mom. I’ll SHOW you.


  1. source site Ha. The baksun.

  2. I just read your kindergarten hours and cried. Kinder is only three hours here.