If a tree falls in a forest…

I’ve been having fairly strong contractions every night around 11 pm. They’re likely nothing, but at my 34 week appointment it was confirmed I’m progressing a bit (not much) (barely at all) so, obviously, I’m supposed to avoid them as best I can.

Tonight the thought hit me: if I’m asleep at 11pm do the contractions still come? Have I not been avoiding them as thought, just sleeping through them?

source link Reasons against:

  1. They http://rest-cor.org/?starting-an-essay starting an essay hurt and there’s no way I can fall asleep while they’re happening.
  2. They’re probably the result of over-tiredness and/or overexertion.

see url Reasons for:

  1. I sleep hard, especially at the beginning of the night, and it takes a lot to wake me up.
  2. They come whether I’ve been running around trying to fold and put away one last load of laundry OR laying in bed reading a book, having not moved a muscle for the last hour except to turn a page.

(As you’ve probably gathered, lying on my left side and drinking water does nothing. Yet, I can’t explain why, but I do sense they’re only practice for the real deal, despite the have-to-breathe-through-it intensity. I have a history of progressing fairly early, then staying pregnant until an acceptable 39-ish weeks so cross your fingers we’re headed that way again!)

(Oh, and yes, I do have them throughout the day as well, especially if I do a lot of walking.)


  1. follow site Water usually helped mine and I’m pretty sure they did happen in my sleep, but enough about that. I’m too busy getting excited about how SOON you are having a baby!!! And by soon I mean at 39 weeks, of course. Baby toes! Teeny fingers! Wrist rolls! Baby head smell! YAY!!!