35 weeks

source I feel as if the wheels are starting to come off. Just a little bit. I still haven’t reached the stage where the belly has completely taken over and I’m just a big beach ball, but I am having trouble sleeping, rolling over, standing up, and, of course, lifting the 30-pound toddler. (Though I still do.) Heartburn is killing me and the morning sickness has come back (imagine the most sarcastic yay! possible here), though to a milder extent than before.

Despite all that, I think I’m feeling the best I ever have at 35 weeks. I feel like myself and, though I know I’m pregnant, I still forget there’s a belly preceding me when I walk around. I often double-take in the mirror. Most amazing of all, my wedding rings fit! With my first two pregnancies I puffed up like a balloon and had to take my rings off at around 30 weeks. I hated the bloated look, especially on my face, but figured that was just the kind of pregnant lady I was destined to be. Plus, it meant I went right back to pre-pregnancy weight after the birth, because most of what I gained was water weight. (After re-gaining what I lost due to morning sickness.) So, extra bonus, I haven’t gained as much this time and my doctor keeps complimenting me on the ‘excellent’ weight gain. I like being THAT kind of pregnant lady.

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enter 30 weeks exactly with Paul. Rings off already.


http://www.pedijatrija.org/?essay-on-andrew-jackson 35 weeks, 1 day with baby #3. Rings are on the other hand, because I clearly know how to properly illustrate a point.


  1. I had to take my rings off while I was pregnant with Elizabeth but never when I was pregnant with Ryan. I think I even had them on for delivery with Ryan.

  2. Why Do Community Service Essay You’re an adorable pregnant lady.

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