Pregnancy Updates

1. The baby dropped at 36w, 2d. I’m now 38w, 3d. My poor aching hips.

2. I got sick last week and it quickly spiraled into really, really sick. I went three days without keeping anything down besides the odd saltine and sip of water. I went to labor & delivery twice to beg for help (plus one time before that thinking I was in labor) and the first time I apparently wasn’t sick enough to warrant intervention. They sent me home. By the second time I was in dire straights and received three bags of fluid, anti-nausea IV drugs, and an antacid injection for chest/rib pain.

When they first sent me home and said there was nothing they could do, I was terrified this was just my new pregnancy state. That for the rest of the pregnancy I would feel like my ribs were going to crack open (I had already tried every OTC heartburn option on the approved list), I wouldn’t be able to keep any food down (even Zofran wouldn’t touch the nausea), and every strong baby kick would knock me over in agony (that was the dehydration. It’s amazing what a little fluid cushion can do to soften the blows!)

I’m firmly anti elective induction and very much hoped to avoid a c-section, but I couldn’t take any more of that. I wanted to go to the hospital and beg them to just cut me open and get her OUT. I needed to be done. Finished. Out of agony. I didn’t care how. Thankfully, they accomplished healing by just hooking me up to an IV for the day. (And no, I didn’t actually ask them to cut me open.) Baby girl is still in there and, a few days out, I’m feeling as good as a 38-weeks-pregnant woman can.

3. I am worried that after all my body went through I’m too confused to recognize real labor anymore and will end up having the baby at home (without any homebirth plan or attendant). Paul was born after only four hours of labor and I was warned I’m in prime condition to go even faster this time. The problem is I was convinced last week the pain I was feeling was on par with labor transition and I was about to pop out a kid. I obviously wasn’t.

4. On a happier note, as of my appointment this morning I have reached the magic number (do we talk about dilation on the blog? Yes? No? What the hell, why not?): 4 cm, whereby I won’t be sent home from L&D again. If I go in having measurable contractions, I get admitted. At least there’s that. I can’t take a fourth afternoon in triage limbo.

5. Funny story: that anti-nausea drug they gave me? It increases sun sensitivity, apparently for up to two days after you take it. Which, meh. I was a pharmacy tech for years and I had to use that “use extra precautions in the sun” sticker so many times I’m pretty desensitized to it. Practically everything can cause increased sensitivity to sun and I use spf 50 as makeup primer daily. I’ve always been fine.

Except this time no one actually told me and I didn’t think anything of sitting in the backyard for a few hours and watching the kids play. Without makeup. Or sunscreen. I can now add a nice red face to my list of pregnancy maladies.


  1. Oh my goodness the last few weeks are so hard. Hang in there.