Four Baby-related Quick Takes 1. Before Eleanor was born we’d decided we were a three-kid family. This was it: the last baby. But she’s such a dream baby she makes me want to have all the babies. She’s been a wonderful nurser right from the start, she sleeps well, she’s a snuggler, she’s calm, no reflux, not many blowouts…I’m not sure what could be better. Also, newborns are totally my thing. I’m at my happiest with a teeny baby to nurse and hold and strap to me.

watch BofjwU7IIAAfKoV

2. She even got through her first cold with only a bit of extra fussing. I noticed for a few days she had a runny nose and kept putting ‘find the Nosefrida’ on my mental list, but, well, my mental list isn’t very good these days. When I finally dug it out, I found she had massive amounts of snot in there and even that wasn’t getting her down. Once she could breathe again? Fussiness gone.

go to link 3. I’m not feeling horribly sleep deprived. Generally I tend to feel pretty average on a parental sleep scale. Then there are the nights where I try to take my glasses off before climbing into bed and it takes me three or four swipes at my face to remember I’m still wearing contacts. I spent several seconds thinking my aim was just off.

4. You know how people are always saying there’s no shame in being sent home from the hospital if you go to L&D too soon? Those people never mention the BILL for said visit, do they? It ain’t cheap, I’ll tell you that. It doesn’t really matter for us, thankfully, since the expense of the birth itself causes me to meet my maximum out-of-pocket for the year, but still.

(I’m going to be sad when 2014 ends, because the rest of the year is going to be a free healthcare par-tay. Starting with a new IUD. Woooo!)

(And yes, the free healthcare mentality is everything wrong with the American healthcare system. I’m guessing the no-free-time aspect of a new baby will protect me from over-consuming services.)

(I suppose you could say I already have over-consumed, though, by making said no-shame visit to L&D. Full circle!)




  2. We hit our deductible too… Buy all the appts!

  3. oh, you look so happy!