Three months

go to site Eleanor is three months…plus 17 days. Oops. I wrote all of this (and took the pictures) on the actual day, but neglected to finish the post. Then time got away from me!

Parts Of A Research Paper IMG_3494

go Eleanor at three months is…

– a major thumb sucker – I lay her down, the thumb pops in, and naptime (or bedtime) is ON. I’m trying to enjoy how cute and convenient it is, but I sucked my thumb until I was 8 and all I can see when I look at her is future battles to get her to stop.

go site – very responsive to facial expressions. It’s really easy to get pictures of her, as whenever I catch her eye and smile her whole face gets this enormous grin. She’ll also mirror distress or pensiveness (aka, spacing off…).

click IMG_3487 She…

go here – is very social as well and will coo at anyone who talks to her. She has a huge range of conversational noises – way more than either of the older two kids had – and will sit and have long discussions with me. She loves nothing more than being engaged one on one.

– gets called ‘Evelyn’ a lot, which is interesting. I had no idea we were giving her a Jessica/Jennifer issue. Sorry, baby.

IMG_3496 - Copy


– loves her siblings like crazy and prefers to have them close by. If they go outside to play and she’s left in the house she starts crying.

– has the biggest laugh. If you tickle her tummy, you get a giggle like no other.



  1. What a cute and special girl. Lucky you.

  2. So sweet!