Somebody that I used to know

follow I’ve been longing for comfort reads lately, and had some vague memory in the back of my mind of a Christian novel I read back in high school. It’s this long (loooooong, like 11/22/63 long) story following two generations of a family over 30 years and I found it comforting, even then, to stick with the same people for 700 pages. Sometimes even if there’s a whole series about certain characters, the choppiness of switching from book to book is disrupting. None of that here.

enter The problem was that’s all I remembered about the book. It was long. It was about a family. There were two sisters. And…that’s it. It probably took me about a couple years of idly searching every couple months or so to stumble upon it.

go here Reading has been interesting, because I don’t remember any of the plot points specifically, but I’ll get these clairvoyant-like flashes of foreshadowing. A character goes in for a job interview and I’m reading along, la la la, then I see the name of the interviewer and BOOM: “she’s going to marry this man!”

Phd Thesis Music I feel as if I know these characters and I can’t quite tell if it’s because I’ve known them before or if it was like this even 15 years ago. I think that was what was special about this book, why I read it twice back then and have come back to it. The characters felt like friends from the first time I picked it up.

On the other hand, it definitely won’t strike a chord with everyone. It’s pretty standard “you’ll have a hole inside until you find God” fare. Some of the Christian-ese makes me wince. This isn’t just Christian fiction, its Christian fiction from 1998. Completely contrary to the point of the whole book, I like to ignore the religion stuff and focus on the people.

enter site I think I missed them. When you find a connection to people, even fictional ones, at age 15, they stay with you.

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  1. I enjoy Lori Wick, though even as a Christian the Christian-ese bothers me some, too. I think this may be the only one of her books I’ve never read. Huh. I’ll have to remedy that. But your mention of a book spanning generations made me instantly think of two other stories, and I thought you might enjoy them. They’re both also Christian fiction, but I figure you won’t mind that. 🙂
    One is by Francine Rivers–it’s two books, but the second picks up exactly where the first ends, and it spans three generations. Here’s the first:
    The other one is a series and slightly more clunky to switch between, but spans 4 generations (each woman gets her own book). Here’s the first one:
    You didn’t really ASK for book recommendations, but there you are. 🙂