Advent, Day 1: Jolly Holiday Lights

Babies mess with your heads. I feel like we should just about be coming up on August and instead I’m having to plan Christmas activities. I love Christmas music and atmosphere year round, so I have no complaints, but this all feels odd to me. I’m hoping the Advent activities will work their magic.

go here Jolly Holiday Lights

On that note, we went right for the big guns and decided to knock out one of the logistically tougher Advent activities right out of the gate this year. For the last few years, as we’ve started to more consistently attend various holiday events, we’ve figured out tricks. For instance, if you want to go to Jolly Holiday Lights, get there right when they open. 5:30 pm might seem early for light displays, but guess what? It’s going to be dark. Every day. A huge bummer, but one you might as well take advantage of.

What we didn’t know (but now do! Note for next year!) is that Mondays are half-price night and the first Monday is free milk and cookies night. We scored big time. Plus, at the end we had all the time with Santa that we wanted. A solid win and a far cry from two years ago when we hit it up at 8pm on a weekend, resulting in over an hour of idling in traffic before we even made it into the park.

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P.S. Isn’t my baby enormous? She’s turning into a kid already!