The Continuing Advent Diaries

Day 4

If the goal of the Advent activities is to get myself in the Christmas spirit by doing Christmas-y things each day, then I’m at least attempting to continue on. As for including the whole family…not so much today. I meant to have the kids help me bake cookies, I really did, but it was going pretty well as a solo project, they were having fun playing together, and my mood had been on thin ice for awhile so I didn’t want to upset the status quo. Sometimes the best plan is for everybody (especially mom) to stay in their corners and not antagonize each other.

Day 5

Umm. The kids’ involvement in this one was eating the red and green cake balls I brought home from a little coffee & chat thing my mom and I went to at church. I enjoyed myself and they appreciated the treats, so…win.

Day 6

An actual thing! The annual women’s Christmas tea! I’m kicking myself for not getting a three-generation picture (my mom, me, Margaret & Eleanor), or many pictures at all, but I kind of let documentation go this year to reduce stress. It was a lovely morning, though, and I love that Margaret has attended every year since she was born. Hopefully Eleanor will, too!

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  1. The baking/making treats days on our Advent has almost exclusively been me doing it, and I’m okay with that. Little hands are not my favorite when I’m cooking. The Christmas tea sounds fun!