I never thought I’d say…

go …I don’t really read anymore. I request books from the library, pick them up, return them. Add things to my to-read list. Maybe go to the library’s e-book site. They helpfully auto-check-out books from your hold list now, so the whole borrow-return process can be managed without my ever even paying attention.

http://www.queen-jungle.com/pricing-your-writing-services/ book review companies I thought I didn’t read anymore because I’m in a podcast phase. I spend many hours of my day wearing earbuds. It was partly because I’m sure my family is sick of seeing those things (and of hearing “what did you say?” anytime they talk to me) that I vowed to pick up more books this year.

dissertation or thesis for phd So I tried. I’ve finished three books and by the end of the third I was weeping with frustration. It turns out the headphones are a coping mechanism because there is not a single quiet, peaceful place in my whole darn house. Even after bedtime, which should just be called “everyone turn your stereos to top volume and blast whatever it is you deem bedtime music” time. (Annie. They deem the Annie soundtrack bedtime music and it blasts from two different bedrooms in not-at-all synchronous rhythm.)

go here The baby doesn’t have her own room (we ran out of bedrooms) so she sleeps in ours – which means I can’t even hide in my bedroom for a moment of peace during naps OR bedtime. The other two kids don’t nap.

go site I’ve always been a person who needs quiet, or at least not to have several sounds competing for my attention. It seems the only way I can get it in this phase of my life – the phase where I live with four other people, three of whom are very loud children – is to jam in some headphones when I get a chance and only listen to ONE voice at a time.

watch I’m still keeping my e-reader stocked so if I happen to find myself with some quiet I can easily pick up a book. In a complete contradiction of this post, I want to start writing about what I’ve read again, too. Maybe it will be easier since there isn’t much!


follow P.S. I never have taken to audio books, despite a lot of trying. If something was written down and intended to be read that way, I can’t seem to get it to stick in my head without seeing it.


  1. I’m not reading very recently at all either. I don’t know what my road block is, but I just haven’t. The books I do start don’t grab me and I feel like any relaxing time I have is used for something else.

  2. I tend to get hung up on books I don’t like. I check a couple out from the library, I start one, it sucks…i feel like I should finish it, but I don’t want to. So I either finish it and can’t talk myself into reading the next one, or I don’t finish it and then I feel bad about it. No more. I will not read/finish something that sucks and I will not feel bad about it. I’m sorry you are missing your quiet space, someday you’ll get it back 🙂