Look who’s one!

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Eleanor at 1 is:

get link The chattiest, most expressive, happiest baby (toddler?) you’ve ever seen. She loves to babble at us cheerily as if we understand every word.

http://www.paris-select.com/?custom-admissions-essays-3-hours She scrunches her nose all the time because she knows it’s so cute no one can resist it.

Her favorite food is cheese. Or maybe applesauce pouches. If she catches even a glimpse of either, you better be ready to offer her some or she’ll freak out on you.

She gets SUPER excited for her bedtime bottle but is equally adamant about needing her own sippie cup/Nalgene bottle to fit in with the big kids. She’s made the fastest transition to drinking water during the day yet. Anything the big kids do!

source site Her favorite view of the world is from over my shoulder. She has a special happy noise just for the times when she realizes I’m putting her on my back in the Tula. I’ve become ‘that person’ who always has a baby peaking out from behind me – running errands, at church on Sunday, even at the park.

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When Thomas comes home from work she stands in the window and screams “HI, DA!” with such joy. She loves her family and couldn’t be more delighted to see any of us – even if I’ve just gone into the other room and come back. When we pull into school or preschool pickup I say “let’s go get Margaret/Paul” and she BEAMS.

She stands as much as possible – holding on to her toy bin as she plays, cruising around the coffee table, and walking if I hold her hand (she prefers a two-handed assist, but is just fine with only one). For about a week now she’s been pretty consistently handling the two steps between the coffee table and the couch and today – at 12 months 3 weeks – took six unassisted steps for the first time. She still prefers to speed crawl, though, because it gets her places faster.

She’s still the peekaboo champion (have I mentioned that before?) She buries her head – usually against my chest – then pops up to say ‘here I am!’ When she meets new people she looks shy, because she hides her face until someone says “where’s Eleanor?” Then she giggles and looks up for approval.

Still a big thumb sucker, too. When Thomas gathered a bunch of photos for her one-year video I realized it looked a little funny because we only keep pictures of her smiling and there was just one of her with her thumb in her mouth. I want to remember what it looks like!