Spain/Germany 2015

So we’re crazy people who decided a nice relaxing spring break was for the birds. Taking a five-year-old, three-year-old, and 10-month-old on a transatlantic flight sounded like a better idea.


follow Berlin Airport: 18 hours into our journey to Spain, with only (!) a 7-hour layover and 2.5-hour flight to go!

source Ok, for real: my sister is a missionary in Barcelona, Spain and Thomas’ sister and her husband are stationed in Colmberg, Germany with the army. We wanted to visit them both while they were both still there and while Eleanor was young enough to not need her own plane ticket. So we took a deep breath and booked it. I want to essentially ‘scrapbook’ the trip here while I can still remember it. So if vacation slide shows aren’t you’re thing, you’re off the hook for awhile! Just click on by.


Baby bassinets on airplanes are a lifesaver. Air Berlin booked us in the bulkhead on our Chicago-Berlin flight and it was perfect. Eleanor went to ‘bed’ at her normal time 2 hours into the flight and slept in the bassinet until they turned the lights on for breakfast service about 3 1/2 hours later. That row (which is the only place the bassinet can hang) was unfortunately already taken for our flight home and that one was rough. Crabby baby.

click We brought an entire carry on devoted solely to snacks – everything from puffs for the baby to a jar of peanut butter and loaf of bread. We actually didn’t need much on the planes, because they feed you well on transatlantic flights, but it was invaluable on sightseeing days. We kept it in the car and several times had a snacky picnic-type lunch instead of hunting down an actual restaurant. I packed mini boxes of cereal, too, which we ate at the airport on the days we had early morning flights (Spain-Germany and Germany-home). We bought milk at McDonalds or the newsstand to go with it.

source We left the stroller at home! This trip was all Tula carrier all the way. It was so much more convenient than trying to get a stroller everywhere we wanted to go. Plus, there were lots of adults! My sister wore the carrier sometimes and, once we were in Germany, my mother-in-law (also visiting my SIL/BIL) did too.


Day 1: Berlin

Day 2: Spain