Doing and being

There was a death in my community yesterday, one that hit close to home and made me so very, very sad. I can’t believe she’s gone. It definitely made me want to do everything I can to not die – lose weight, exercise, etc – but I also wondered: is there more I want to do? Do I not get out enough? I spend most of my days in my own house. Am I making enough of an impact?

Yes. I realized I’m doing exactly what I want. I want my impact on the world to be time spent with my family and a cozy home. Sure, some people bond with their kids by volunteering together and that’s wonderful. But I like to just BE together. Neither way is right, maybe the other way is more noble, but this is my way. I want to make my home beautiful and happy and welcoming.

It’s not like I don’t get out, either – I realized I’m actually pretty plugged in. I keep the books for my MOPS group and help run it. I volunteered to be the treasurer for the PTA for the next two years. I work in the nursery at church the first Sunday of every month. I took charge of the summer playdates for my moms group, which sounded like no big deal, but now means I have to go to them all and I feel like I’m always going and doing.

I like to think a lot of people would notice if I was gone. I don’t fly to Africa, but I do send some money there. I’m happy with the legacy I’ve got going.


  1. For the record, I would absolutely notice if you were gone.