Who says you can’t have outdoor dates in January?

click here Since it reached the nearly tropical temperature of 45 degrees today, it seemed to be the perfect time to get out the hoses and spray some cold water. Gotta stay cool however you can. Also, the cars were filthy. I considered putting on a bikini to demonstrate the outrageous warmth, but let's just say you're all lucky I'm nearly 7 months … [Read more...]

52 Date Nights, Week 31: Have an Outdoor Picnic

watch We haven't done a lot of date nights this summer (um, yeah, I started writing this in August), but we have tried to get to the ones we can't do any other time of year - like go for a swim or climb on the roof. Next up: picnic in the backyard. We had: Mediterranean Quinoa Salad (in a glass bowl that didn't photograph well) White Bean … [Read more...]

52 Date Nights, Week 30: Climb on the Roof

As I mentioned, Thomas and some friends re-shingled our roof last week. It's brand spankin' new and we figured this was a great time for date night idea #48: Climb on the Roof. The weather was absolutely perfect. Warm, yet not hot. (At 10 pm.) Clear sky. I, however, was terrified. Mostly about the getting up and getting down. I figured once I … [Read more...]

52 Date Nights, Week 29: Go for a Swim

  It's finally warm enough to start using the (inflatable...) pool and a nice cold drink + sitting in the water sounded like the perfect evening. Enter…mosquitos. We spent most of the night with our arms flailing about trying to shoo away bugs. I slapped the top of Thomas’ head a couple times. I’m not sure what we expected, being warm bodies … [Read more...]

52 Date Nights, Week 28: Make Breakfast

It turns out I'm still up for stay-at-home date nights 28 weeks in, but not so much with the writing. This is going to be short. I am crafty enough to make sure they stay date nights, though, as I am reeeeeeally not a morning person. Any 'making breakfast' I do is either cereal in a bowl or done the night before. So! Breakfast casserole it was. … [Read more...]

52 Date Nights, Week 27: Create a Love Nest

From the Date Nights PDF: Oh, our bedroom, you guys. Decluttering didn't begin to describe what needed to happen. It was a little cave we slept in and didn’t particularly enjoy. Complete with large swaths of ‘is there a floor under there or not, because I can’t see it’. I didn’t take before pictures, because, well, I thought the after would … [Read more...]