July 2013 Books

I like how RA organizes her book posts and I think I'm going to start doing mine similarly. I'd still like to write them monthly, so I might not always have something in every category, but I think it will be simpler this way. Do you guys like the covers? I'm a visual person and love it when book posts have something to look at. A big block of text … [Read more...]

June 2013 Books

Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of Nimh by Robert C. O'Brien The library had a display of Newbery Award winners next to the children’s play area and I grabbed this one out of nostalgia. I'd forgotten the plot completely so it was like reading for the first time. It was great - although written for children it was certainly interesting enough to keep … [Read more...]

May 2013 Books

I'm finding as I read fewer books I think about the ones I do a lot more after I'm finished. I don't necessarily put more thought into making higher-quality reading choices, but I guess since I don't have the need to add a lot of filler to my to-read list they end up higher quality anyway. 7: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess by Jen … [Read more...]

April 2013 Books

Yes, April. You read that right. Coming soon: May! (Although it turns out I didn't read much in May.) The Privileges by Jonathan Dee This book was on the cusp of being good. With each chapter I would think the next one was going to finally draw me into can't-put-it-down status. It never quite made it and by the end I very much wanted to … [Read more...]

March 2013 Books

I only read TWO BOOKS this month! Operation: read less books in 2013 is coming along. Unfortunately I seem to have replaced reading time with Candy Crush, so...that's something to work on. Baby steps.Bloom: Finding Beauty in the Unexpected--A Memoir by Kelle HamptonI am terrible at reading books I own. Awful. I usually have so many library books I … [Read more...]

February 2013 books

Winning Balance: What I've Learned So Far about Love, Faith, and Living Your Dreams by Shawn JohnsonI love Shawn Johnson. She's so cute and sweet and she lives in West Des Moines, which is where I live. I listened to the audio book, which she read herself, and it was nice to hear it in her own voice. It's like she was dishing all about the Olympics … [Read more...]