Look who’s one!

Eleanor at 1 is: The chattiest, most expressive, happiest baby (toddler?) you've ever seen. She loves to babble at us cheerily as if we understand every word. She scrunches her nose all the time because she knows it's so cute no one can resist it. Her favorite food is cheese. Or maybe applesauce pouches. If she catches even a glimpse of … [Read more...]

Four months

source link Eleanor at 4 months… ...has the biggest smile in the world. Did I say that at 3 months? Well it’s bigger now. She loves life. ...gets excited when Margaret gets in the van after school. Girl loves her big sister. ...has discovered the cat, but still isn’t quite sure what it is. Stares confusedly. She... ...rolls front to back and … [Read more...]

Gotta have something to worry about

You know that feeling where everything is going really well and you're waiting for the other shoe to drop? My worry right now is focused on the four-month sleep regression. It's not just that I'm accustomed to sleeping through the night. (Did I tell you my three-month-old has been sleeping all night for awhile now? 12 straight hours, … [Read more...]

Three months

http://zevalo.com/creative-writing-articles/ Eleanor is three months...plus 17 days. Oops. I wrote all of this (and took the pictures) on the actual day, but neglected to finish the post. Then time got away from me! Eleanor at three months is... - a major thumb sucker – I lay her down, the thumb pops in, and naptime (or bedtime) is ON. I’m trying to enjoy how cute and convenient it … [Read more...]


Average Dissertation Length Humanities I laid in bed last night thinking about A’Dell’s post about time and starting the school years. I only have three weeks before I lose Margaret for 7 hours a day. (SEVEN. Does this not seem crazy to anyone else?) I’m not out of the baby stage – thank goodness, because I’m loving every minute of this sweet, squishy, smiley girl – but I am done … [Read more...]

If you had been a…

If I had been a boy, my name would have been Ryan. I have two younger sisters and they had different boy name options. This struck me as odd when I was younger, because if you like a certain name best, won't you always? And, if not, isn't that depressing? Theoretically, it could mean by the time you have your next child, the first child's name is … [Read more...]