I, Ross, Take Thee Rachel

Friends started airing when I was 10 and wasn't something I would have been allowed to watch, even if I had been interested. Plus, we didn't get network TV - we lived too far out of town to pick up the signal for the free channels. We got the Disney channel and Nickelodeon, though, (with a satellite) so it was all good. When I was 14 or so I … [Read more...]

You know I love to talk TV

My 10 favorite TV shows: Number one probably doesn't even need to be listed, because you all know me, right? It's a no-brainer. I always, always go in order and don't even skip the handful of episodes I don't care for as much (maybe I should work on that compulsion?). Least favorite episode = The One With Monica's Thunder. Favorite = The … [Read more...]

52 Date Nights: Week six, Take a bubble bath

Free stay-at-home date night ideas PDF download here. (Not sponsored.) Previous date night posts here.For tonight’s date night, we decided on #40 Take a Bubble Bath. Since I obviously wasn’t going to post pictures, I tried to think of what to use as a visual. As Friends is pretty much always the first thing that comes to my mind in any situation, I … [Read more...]

Seven Quick Takes: High chairs and swearing

1.   I forgot to mention in yesterday's post I had a second major in political science! I tend to forget about it because accounting was my 'career' major and political science was just because I loved the classes. I have thought teaching civics/history/something like that might be fun, though. I also have a masters in accounting and have thought … [Read more...]

Questions for you! Part four, apparently.

Hey, remember way back when that meme was going around that had something to do with elevens? And everybody was sick of it, so I decided to write eleven questions, but split them up and post a few periodically? It's ok. I don't really remember, either. But I still have more questions! So here are three of them:1. What are you reading right now? Do … [Read more...]