I, Ross, Take Thee Rachel

go Friends started airing when I was 10 and wasn't something I would have been allowed to watch, even if I had been interested. Plus, we didn't get network TV - we lived too far out of town to pick up the signal for the free channels. We got the Disney channel and Nickelodeon, though, (with a satellite) so it was all good. When I was 14 or so I … [Read more...]

You know I love to talk TV

click My 10 favorite TV shows: Number one probably doesn't even need to be listed, because you all know me, right? It's a no-brainer. I always, always go in order and don't even skip the handful of episodes I don't care for as much (maybe I should work on that compulsion?). Least favorite episode = The One With Monica's Thunder. Favorite = The … [Read more...]

52 Date Nights: Week six, Take a bubble bath

source Free stay-at-home date night ideas PDF download here. (Not sponsored.) Previous date night posts here.For tonight’s date night, we decided on #40 Take a Bubble Bath. Since I obviously wasn’t going to post pictures, I tried to think of what to use as a visual. As Friends is pretty much always the first thing that comes to my mind in any situation, I … [Read more...]

Seven Quick Takes: High chairs and swearing

http://www.cnom.sante.gov.ml/x/cis100-homework-help/ 1.   I forgot to mention in yesterday's post I had a second major in political science! I tend to forget about it because accounting was my 'career' major and political science was just because I loved the classes. I have thought teaching civics/history/something like that might be fun, though. I also have a masters in accounting and have thought … [Read more...]

Questions for you! Part four, apparently.

source link Hey, remember way back when that meme was going around that had something to do with elevens? And everybody was sick of it, so I decided to write eleven questions, but split them up and post a few periodically? It's ok. I don't really remember, either. But I still have more questions! So here are three of them:1. What are you reading right now? Do … [Read more...]