The princess and the parrot

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Pumpkin patching

dance research paper Way back in mid-September, we went to the pumpkin patch with some friends. They didn't have pumpkins for sale yet, but I figured there was plenty of time for that. Plus we didn't want them to rot too early, right? Well, we never made it back, so tonight I told the kids we were getting pumpkins and...went to the nearest grocery … [Read more...]

Seven Quick Takes, mostly about food

It seems I’m the only person on Twitter who doesn’t like the texture of fluffy eggs. WHY must people insist on fluffifying the eggs? Don’t add milk! Don’t cook in butter! (That doesn’t have anything to do with texture, I just don’t like it.)  I found a jar of Trader Joe’s peanut butter that needed using up and am eating it this week. Living on the … [Read more...]