Doing and being

enter There was a death in my community yesterday, one that hit close to home and made me so very, very sad. I can't believe she's gone. It definitely made me want to do everything I can to not die - lose weight, exercise, etc - but I also wondered: is there more I want to do? Do I not get out enough? I spend most of my days in my own house. Am I making … [Read more...]

That might come in handy

Glass Essay Online Let me start by saying this: I like the Japanese decluttering book. I haven't even read it yet (#25 on the hold list!) but a few months ago I started asking if particular items brought me joy when deciding whether to keep them and it was SO helpful. I've now progressed to the point where I regularly find myself using an item and realize unpromped … [Read more...]


click here I used to sit at my desk at work and wish I could be home washing dishes. I kind of like washing dishes, and doing laundry, and making dinner. Plus I hated coming home to a messy kitchen. If I just had time during the day to clean! Instead I was filling out paperwork that would just have to be done again next year, if not sooner. I wish I could … [Read more...]

Tips – Donating unusable clothes, avoiding baggage fees, and everybody’s favorite…baby poop

watch Did you know you can still donate non-saleable clothes to Goodwill? They recycle them! I keep a box in the basement and if I have, say, a sock with a hole I throw it in there. (Or perhaps maternity pants that split in two while I’m wearing them.) Every so often I bag it all, mark it recycling, and take it to Goodwill. Mine actually has a big box … [Read more...]

Things housewives say

source Oh my goodness, you guys, how much do I love my new pasta pot? I've always been conflicted on these Rachael Ray oval pots. It seemed kind of...gimmicky. It's not exactly a single-use item, as you can use it to cook anything. But basically it's for pasta, so sort of. Also, does it really matter if you have to break pasta to cook it? Not … [Read more...]

Day 1 as a housewife

watch Yesterday, Paul spilled an entire snack cup full of cheerios under the table. There were a lot of them and they were kind of hard to reach, so I got out the vacuum. There were clumps of cat hair on the carpet (and would be even if I vacuumed twice a day, WHY CAT WHY) so I made the kids pick up their toys and did the entire living room.When I pushed … [Read more...]