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You know that improv maxim “yes, and”? Basically, whatever your fellow improviser says, you have to roll with and add to. This describes Margaret (age 6) and Paul’s (age 4) relationship perfectly. Alone, they sometimes misbehave or talk back, but they’re basically good kids. Together? They’ll ‘yes, and’ each other until your house is a ball of … [Read more...]

Happy Valentine’s Day! write an essay about your community Thomas and I had formal, dress-up Valentine's plans this year, just...not with eachother. His date was a beautiful blue-eyed blonde: And mine had cool Batman sneakers: Which turned out to be a good choice, because there was a surprise VIP at the Mommy & Me Sweetheart dance: We made crafts, hit the dessert table, and when … [Read more...]

First Day of School 2014

Mba Admission Essay Buy Lbs Today my first baby went to kindergarten. She’s by far the most social and outgoing member of our family – a true extrovert who gains energy from being around others, stuck in a family of introverts. (Although it looks like her baby sister may be following her lead.) She loves to learn new things, too, and she’s been ready for school for a long … [Read more...]

If you had been a…

watch If I had been a boy, my name would have been Ryan. I have two younger sisters and they had different boy name options. This struck me as odd when I was younger, because if you like a certain name best, won't you always? And, if not, isn't that depressing? Theoretically, it could mean by the time you have your next child, the first child's name is … [Read more...]

The princess and the parrot

go[Read more...]

Pumpkin patching

here Way back in mid-September, we went to the pumpkin patch with some friends. They didn't have pumpkins for sale yet, but I figured there was plenty of time for that. Plus we didn't want them to rot too early, right? Well, we never made it back, so tonight I told the kids we were getting pumpkins and...went to the nearest grocery … [Read more...]