The best ages

I’ve decided two is my favorite age. At two, kids turn into real little people whom you can have conversations with, yet who still call themselves “mama’s baby boy” and ask to be rocked. They can climb into their own car seats and (in their own minds, at least) do everything their four-year-old sisters can. It’s way better than one, when they’re … [Read more...]

Keeping your pre-schooler busy

Erica's post about crafts really inspired me and I've been setting Margaret up with something to do every day at Paul's nap time. I show her a picture of the craft, hand over the materials, maybe give a few tips and she pretty much does it on her own. (Which equals downtime for me. Awesome!) Are they the most beautiful, perfectly executed crafts … [Read more...]

Iowa State Fair

go I found this in my drafts folder. Look at the wee little Paul! And my two-year-old Margaret! Taken in August 2011 … [Read more...]