Pumpkin patching

Way back in mid-September, we went to the pumpkin patch with some friends. They didn't have pumpkins for sale yet, but I figured there was plenty of time for that. Plus we didn't want them to rot too early, right? Well, we never made it back, so tonight I told the kids we were getting pumpkins and...went to the nearest grocery … [Read more...]

The best ages

follow site I’ve decided two is my favorite age. At two, kids turn into real little people whom you can have conversations with, yet who still call themselves “mama’s baby boy” and ask to be rocked. They can climb into their own car seats and (in their own minds, at least) do everything their four-year-old sisters can. It’s way better than one, when they’re … [Read more...]

Iowa State Fair

I found this in my drafts folder. Look at the wee little Paul! And my two-year-old Margaret! Taken in August 2011 … [Read more...]

21 months

follow link I’ve been reading my archives lately and smiling a lot at how much Paul is like Margaret at the same age.  He adores the bath and so did she. He plays this game where he runs in front of the vacuum seemingly trying to get his toes run over, which is quite stressful for someone who generally tries to avoid running over little feet. Apparently she … [Read more...]

Words, 16 months

go here Paul still doesn’t talk much. He finds pointing efficient enough and doesn’t understand why words are necessary. He understands what we’re saying, responds with head nods, and follows instructions. We know he knows the words, because if he really needs them, he uses them. He just prefers not to.Apparently one day when he and Meg were fighting over … [Read more...]

Paul’s Birth Story

Thursday I had my final training class from 8:30 – 4:30.  During introductions we were supposed to say what project/work task we would have been working on if we weren’t in class.  I’d wrapped up all my work the week before, assuming I wouldn’t be back. I said if I wasn’t there, I’d probably be having a baby.  The instructor joked she’d never had … [Read more...]