source link I laid in bed last night thinking about A’Dell’s post about time and starting the school years. I only have three weeks before I lose Margaret for 7 hours a day. (SEVEN. Does this not seem crazy to anyone else?) I’m not out of the baby stage – thank goodness, because I’m loving every minute of this sweet, squishy, smiley girl – but I am done … [Read more...]

40 weeks: Happy Easter!

source site When I found out my due date was Easter Sunday I expected to have an adorable little newborn for the holiday. Maybe a one-week-old? Two weeker? I was going to put her in the dress Margaret wore to her church dedication at three weeks old (size newborn) and line the kids up for a picture of our three (!) children all dressed up. Little girl … [Read more...]

Uncharted territory (39 week update)

39 weeks, 2 days and still writing pregnancy updates! Who would have guessed? I'm officially more pregnant than I've ever been before. I've long since given up expecting the baby to be born any minute and have gone back to planning lots of activities, because anything is better than sitting at home waiting. For a while I was getting tired of … [Read more...]

Pregnancy Updates

enter 1. The baby dropped at 36w, 2d. I'm now 38w, 3d. My poor aching hips. 2. I got sick last week and it quickly spiraled into really, really sick. I went three days without keeping anything down besides the odd saltine and sip of water. I went to labor & delivery twice to beg for help (plus one time before that thinking I was in labor) and the … [Read more...]

35 weeks

go site I feel as if the wheels are starting to come off. Just a little bit. I still haven’t reached the stage where the belly has completely taken over and I’m just a big beach ball, but I am having trouble sleeping, rolling over, standing up, and, of course, lifting the 30-pound toddler. (Though I still do.) Heartburn is killing me and the morning … [Read more...]

If a tree falls in a forest…

I’ve been having fairly strong contractions every night around 11 pm. They’re likely nothing, but at my 34 week appointment it was confirmed I’m progressing a bit (not much) (barely at all) so, obviously, I’m supposed to avoid them as best I can. Tonight the thought hit me: if I’m asleep at 11pm do the contractions still come? Have I not been … [Read more...]