Should it Stay? No!

follow url So, my last day of work was Thursday! It has not sunk in at all yet and if someone woke me up tomorrow and told me to go to work, I'd just...go and everything would be business as usual. I'm rather confused right now and sort of feel like I'm simply on vacation.Anyway, I figured this big transition from working lady to stay-at-home mom warranted a … [Read more...]

Should it Stay Monday: Yellow Shirt

get link I’m in Memphis as we speak (…read?) wearing this exact shirt. I went to Kohls a couple weeks ago desperate for something I could wear out to the bars in Memphis that would show I’m there as an Iowa State fan (for the Liberty Bowl) without being a plain team t-shirt. I was thinking a red and yellow striped sweater, but I couldn’t find anything, … [Read more...]

Should it Stay Monday: Christmas outfit traditions

source link I keep forgetting to link my Style All Over posts here! Last Thursday I wrote about what I normally wear for family Christmas celebrations. We usually have five and I wear a nice sweater (or maybe shirt) and jeans to four of them. Each outfit has to be different because we take LOTS of pictures. (I suppose they don’t have to be different, but I … [Read more...]

Should it Stay Monday: Bubble Necklace

custom paper writing geography When everyone was buying bubble necklaces off ebay this summer I followed right along, because 1. I have very few necklaces, but want to be a necklace person and 2. I thought it would be an easy way to fancify any outfit (totally a word) - for example, for Christmas parties I could wear a nice black sweater, dark jeans, and the necklace. Basically, … [Read more...]

Should it Stay Monday Tuesday: Lime green cardigan

Writing Personal Statement Apparently the long weekend fried my brain, because I totally didn’t think about this until midday yesterday. I had a picture and an outline and everything, I just didn’t DO it! So, anyway, this cardigan: The green is brighter and more saturatedthan it appears in the photo. (Also, I threw it on over something else at the end of the day for … [Read more...]

Should it Stay Monday: Photo cringe

We need to talk about this: Hi Caitlin! Sorry to drag you into this. (Ditto to partial Kammah.) I like this outfit. Before seeing this picture, I thought it was pretty good. I actually took a picture back when I bought it a month ago and was planning to ask you about it, but I thought it good enough to not need to go on Should it Stay … [Read more...]