Doing and being

Kcls Live Homework Help There was a death in my community yesterday, one that hit close to home and made me so very, very sad. I can't believe she's gone. It definitely made me want to do everything I can to not die - lose weight, exercise, etc - but I also wondered: is there more I want to do? Do I not get out enough? I spend most of my days in my own house. Am I making … [Read more...]

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Thomas and I had formal, dress-up Valentine's plans this year, just...not with eachother. His date was a beautiful blue-eyed blonde: And mine had cool Batman sneakers: Which turned out to be a good choice, because there was a surprise VIP at the Mommy & Me Sweetheart dance: We made crafts, hit the dessert table, and when … [Read more...]

Maybe I should just homeschool (ha!) I’ve been crying at every back-to-school post this year, especially the kindergarten ones. I don’t understand why you all insist on rudely reminding me kids grow up. Just the thought of Meg going to kindergarten is making me cry again right now. She’s so little! (You: well, duh, she’s only three and has two full years to go. Me: But yesterday she … [Read more...]