My slightly spoilery review of Inside Out

go site This started as a quick take or Facebook post, but got out of control. If you want to avoid spoilers, skip the fourth paragraph (the one that starts "Even the things that didn't speak to my experience") *********************************************************************************** We took the kids to Inside Out on opening night. It's a … [Read more...]

Today, at Sam’s Club "Aww, a baby! How old?" "Two months." "Oh, and another one on the way?!" "" I could see the horror in the sample lady's* eyes as the words left her mouth and she realized what she was saying. Then she kept digging. "Oh, just a mommy pooch, ha ha! That's what I call it! A mommy pooch! Ha!" In her defense, I was laughing, too, because … [Read more...]

Eleven Things

It's incredible how one minute you're thinking this meme thing is about played out and the next you're excitedly copy-pasting because you got tagged. (!!) It's like I'm in middle school again and got picked for dodgeball. Someone wants me on their team! (She's taking it all back right now.) Here we go: 1. What is your favorite type of … [Read more...]

New Year Reflections

The things I write about have changed over the years I've had this blog and last year, when I had it the site redesigned, I picked the links along the top of the page rather hesitantly. I love writing about recipes I've tried now, I thought, but is that tab going to be obsolete in a year? I mean, I did "Should it Stay Monday" (about clothing) for … [Read more...]

Some fairies DO exist Last weekend we went to a bonfire at a friend’s house. It was a lot of fun and I’d of course go back, but on the drive home the smoke smell that had seeped into everything – clothes, bags, and even hair – started to drive me crazy, nausea wise. When we got home, I swung into detox mode. Everyone was required to immediately take off all of their … [Read more...]

My hair identity

go here When I was little, I had white-blonde hair. Margaret has that same hair and it's something people comment on: "Wow, look at that blonde hair!" "Whoa, it gets crazy light in the summer, doesn't it?" My sisters were both born brunettes, so it was something that made me "me." I was the blonde sister. The one my mom always told me people would … [Read more...]