So! Third baby!

see url Remember when I said I had a post all ready to go announcing a third pregnancy? Well, it was more "in my head" than "ready to go." And then...I couldn't remember what I was going to say. So I kept putting it off. And, well, I don't have a big fancy post. Sorry third baby! Regardless, we are all very excited. Margaret would like a baby sister. … [Read more...]

Old Habits Die Hard I grew up in the area known as the Iowa Great Lakes and responsible lake stewardship was drilled into us from a young age. Each year the entire school was let out for a day for 'Save Our Shores' in which we'd be broken into groups and assigned a shore area for trash pickup. One of the things I remember most clearly in learning about trash and lakes … [Read more...]

July 2013 Goodies Taster’s Box Review

how do your homework The Goodies Company is owned by Wal-Mart and is a subscription service that costs $7 a month. Each month you receive a box of 5-10 samples of new/interesting snacks (available at Wal-Mart, natch). I’ve been a subscriber for five months. May’s box is reviewed here and June's here. This review is not … [Read more...]

How We Met

Joining with Grace's How We Met linkup. The story of how we met starts kind of awkwardly, with the story of me and another guy. A story Thomas hates (haaaaaaaates) and I would prefer to completely forget in a bout of amnesia. The short version is the guy and I were sort-of-but-not-really-and-definitely-not-officially dating. He was sending … [Read more...]

On the lam

go here One of Ginger’s prompts this week was “Tell us the most ridiculous moment of your week” and I’ve got a humdinger for you. It starts with me on the run from the cops. Well, I suppose it starts with the fact we've reached the out-of-control part of summer, where you wonder if you'll actually make it through. We went to five different … [Read more...]

OK, fine, I’ll try The Honest Company (coupon included!)

This post is not sponsored. It does, however, contain referral links that may earn me credit if you use them. (I don't think free trials count as referral purchases.) Using the referral link also gets YOU a $10 credit, so have at it! There's been a lot of promotion lately of The Honest Company (and coupon codes flying around like crazy!) I've … [Read more...]